Infographic, Four Data Champion Profiles: The advocate, the translator, the promoter and the storyteller.

Today, the ability to harness the full potential of data is make or break for any businesses. As Data Leaders’ recent report “Voice of the Chief Data Officer” explores, CDOs do not see technology as the key hindrance to advancing their data strategy, but data culture. In the quest to address this obstacle, spark interest and inspire data-driven behaviours, organisations are increasingly seeking out “data champions,” individuals who not only understand data but also promote its use throughout the company.

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What is a Data Champion?

Data champions are the torchbearers of data within an organisation. They are individuals who possess a natural passion for data, an understanding of its value and can bridge the gap between the technical aspects of data management and the practical applications that drive business outcomes. They act as advocates for data-driven decision-making and are instrumental in fostering a culture of data literacy.

When it comes to seeking out data champions, knowing what to look for is not always obvious. In this blog post, we explore the four profiles that will help CDOs recruit the right people into their data champions programme.

The Advocate

The first data champion profile is that of “The Advocate.” Advocates are passionate about data and its potential to transform the organisation. They are vocal supporters of data-driven decision-making and promote the use of data within their departments or teams. They inspire colleagues to embrace data-driven approaches and convey the importance of data in achieving business goals.

How to spot an Advocate?

Advocates have strong communication skills, persuasive abilities, and a deep understanding of the benefits of data.

The Translator

The second data champion profile is that of Translator.

Translators bridge the gap between technical data experts and non-technical colleagues. They have a knack for explaining how data can benefit different business areas. Translators help colleagues understand the value of data by presenting data insights in a way that resonates with their specific roles. They answer the question, “How can data benefit me?

How to spot a Translator?

Translators are effective communicators with the ability to simplify complex data concepts, and a solid grasp of both data and business operations.

The Storyteller

The third data champion profile is The Storyteller.

Storytellers are adept at weaving narratives from data. They go beyond presenting reports and dashboards, creating compelling stories that convey the significance of data-driven insights and make data relatable and actionable.

How to spot a Storyteller?

Storytellers, naturally, have strong storytelling abilities, data interpretation skills, and creativity in presenting data-driven narratives.

The Promoter

The final data champion profile is The Promoter.

Promoters are data enthusiasts who actively champion data-related initiatives within the organisation. They often act as catalysts for the inception of business cases and the initiation of projects that harness the power of data to address specific organisational needs.

How to spot a Promoter?

Promoters are strategic thinkers, with a keen ability to identify data-driven opportunities. They have great project management skills and interpersonal relationships that they use to collaborate effectively with diverse teams to drive data-related projects forward.

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