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The executive report reveals:

  • The key business roles that are behind the rising importance of data and analytics
  • The roles in which the data leaders look to higher for in the next months
  • Set of the most common roadblocks faced by data and analytics leaders

As you navigate these uncertain times, Data Leaders brings you insights directly from your peers.

We have taken the data from our recent survey, and worked it into this executive summary*. Use the information from this presentation as an additional voice when trying to gain executive support or broadening the minds of those you’re working with.

You are not alone! Many have the same goals (driving business value) and face the same obstacles (lack of strategy, poor data quality, lack of governance – to name a few).

Nonetheless, digital transformation has largely been accelerated as companies respond to the pandemic. The perception of data and analytics has improved overall, with an increase in CEO support since prior to the pandemic. Many data leaders expect their teams to grow in the next six months. What’s more, the majority believe we will see a rise in the appointment of Chief Data Officers.

Turbulent, and exciting times ahead – have a look for yourself! Download the report now.

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Pascal Clement

Chairman, Data Leaders

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