At Data Leaders, we uphold a policy that governs the use of AI tools to support our data leadership activities. It is vital to note that we rely solely on the contributions and insights of our community as the foundation of our work. Our use of AI tools serves only to complement and synthesise these ideas and discussions.

Generating insights

We strictly prohibit the use of AI tools to originate data insights. We recognise the value of human creativity and innovation in our data leadership activities, and we view AI tools as an essential supporting resource to enhance our team’s ability to create high quality content for the Client Hub, public website and events. Our use of AI tools is in no way intended to replace the essential contributions of our data community.

Privacy and confidentiality

To ensure that we maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our discussions and protect the identities of our contributors, we never upload or feed AI tools with either company or discussion participant names.

Policies and training

We are committed to upholding responsible usage of AI tools and our team members receive regular training on their appropriate use. We also maintain up-to-date policies and procedures to ensure that our use of AI tools is ethical and compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.


Above all, Data Leaders values the contributions and insights of our community, and we remain dedicated to creating data leadership initiatives solely based on their contributions while utilising AI tools in a responsible and ethical manner to enhance our data leadership activities.

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