In her interview Bianca explains: 

  • Practical steps to leveraged joint data expertise from across the organisation 
  • How one can measure effectiveness of culture change 
  • Best ways to communicate with the business 

Data Leaders have recently interview Bianca Scheffler, Director, Data Economist at Swiss Re and discussed the role she plays as a data economist in extracting and measuring the full value of data. She advocates for taking a step back in order to be able to leverage the full potential of data. 

Bianca will be presenting a case study at the interactive roundtable on Data-Driven Business Transformation. 

Use the below timestamps to get answers to the questions that matter to you most: 

  • 00:45: The role of a data economist  
  • 03:30: Leveraging the full potential of your data 
  • 04:05: Communicating with the business 
  • 06:00:  Practical steps to leveraged joined expertise 
  • 07:55: Accepting failure, and navigating path to not fully defined goals 
  • 11:55: Using data value chain to improve internal processes 
  • 14:20: Instilling a data-sharing culture across the business 
  • 19:10: Measuring the success and creating KPIs 
  • 21:20: Business strategy vs data strategy 

Data Leaders members can participate in the discussion on this topic on the members’ HubGet in touch if you would like to join. 


Laura Bineviciute

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