A large travel company (c.$2bn+ revenue) wanted to launch and validate a Data Governance programme. They wanted to understand ‘what good looks like’ and what other organisations had done to successfully roll out a strategic programme that would touch all areas of the business.


After understanding the clients’ needs, Data Leaders organised an Accelerator that brought together experts from a range of industries to share their strategies and approaches to launching a successful Data Governance programme. No vendors or consultants were present. Each attendee was qualified by Data Leaders ahead of the session to ensure their expectations were aligned for maximum impact. Data Leaders produced a summary of the outcomes which was shared with their community, together with a personalised report containing peer recommendations for the client.


The client was able to understand best practices and what leading companies were doing to be successful. Importantly, this exchange came from those with first hand practical experience. The Accelerator session and report helped build their confidence and a successful business case to validate their approach. “The work directly saved four weeks of consultancy fees.”

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