A large international energy company (c.$10bn+ revenue) needed to understand whether a suggested Data Cataloguing solution would be the right fit for the business.


Data Leaders brought together a group of experts with recent, relevant experience of using the suggested solution. This discussion, known as an Evaluator, is an expert group of peer users of a product or solution, where no vendors are present. The group was tasked with understanding the client’s needs and then evaluating the solution’s capabilities. Data Leaders prepared and chaired the session and produced a report for the client detailing the outcomes and recommendations.


The Evaluator and report “saved two people’s work doing supplier selection for six months, which was approximately £80,000. The session steered us in the right direction because we were able to have a frank conversation with real users, people that had practical experience. Perhaps our biggest win though, was not the savings on supplier selection, but avoiding a very visible and costly mistake. We decided to not go forward with the initial solution and implemented another product, from a different company, which was recommended to us. This was a real win.

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