Resistance to rolling out data governance practices is commonplace, with data and analytics leaders finding it challenging to advance at pace. Data Leaders insights uncover 5 winning tactics to removing hurdles:

1. Do not separate data governance from data analytics. 

Positioning data governance as the strategic, non-negotiable foundation of analytics requiring neither a separate business case nor justification can simplify your work from the outset. 

2. Focus on the top strategic initiatives.

Prioritising the implementation of data governance to the top corporate initiatives and data sets will create visibility at Executive Leadership Team level. Ranking the status of each initiative can stimulate competition among senior leaders and help maintain their support and momentum. 

3. Elicit feedback from business owners

Surveying business owners, asking them to rate the quality of their data from 0-100%, will help create acknowledgement and a consensus that data quality issues exist. 

4. Don’t aim for perfect; aim for better.

Knowing where some of your data is much better than not knowing where any of it is. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to start building your data catalogue. 

5. Make compliance a condition of working with the central data team.

Using SLAs including data governance deliverables with the business units will help increase their understanding of good data practices. If necessary, simplify compliance or adopt a “light touch” approach as a first phase of data governance roll-out.


Make better informed decisions by assessing your data and analytics capability and use community intelligence to close the gap between strategy and execution.


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