Data and analytics projects can make or break the trust between the data organisation and the business. According to Data Leaders’ insights, five key factors to success are:

1. Choose the right unit to partner with

Good partners are open to collaboration, used to working with data, and willing to discuss pain points.

2. Ensure use cases are aligned to business strategy

New data solutions must deliver tangible business value. Helping partners to qualify the right business case to address pays dividends.

3. Use Agile

Business teams are more likely to commit resources to short-term projects. Using Agile can deliver a compelling MVP within 6-8 weeks.

4. Educate, learn and build relationships

New data projects are the perfect opportunity to identify data champions, educate on fundamentals and learn about the business.

5. Use business KPIs to measure the value

Adopting business KPI’s as the project’s KPI’s underscores the Data Team’s commitment to enabling their partner’s success and delivers measurable business value.


Make better informed decisions by assessing your data and analytics capability and use community intelligence to close the gap between strategy and execution.


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