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Peer connections are at the heart of everything we do at Data Leaders, and the Data Leaders World Congress is no exception.

To help you navigate the complex data and analytics space, and placing specific focus on driving business transformation with data and analytics we are launching a D&A Transformation Program.

This program is your personalised experience at the Data Leaders World Congress, and is aimed specifically at connecting data and analytics leaders and their teams to peers who are working on similar projects.

We will curate peer-to-peer discussions on the topics below:

– Data Strategy vs Business Strategy: What’s the right way to do it?
Overcoming Resistance Culture and Driving Change
Managing and Governing Analytics Products
Investing in People: Data Literacy and Upskilling
– Data and the Board: Obtaining the Top Management Support
Is the ROI Adapted to Data? Proving the Value
Designing for Success: Future-proof Your Data Architecture
Using Data to Drive New Revenue Streams
Using Data for Business Process Optimisation: The Dos and the Don’ts

What to expect?

  • FREE access to the Data Leaders World Congress
  • Exclusive, action focused discussions, personalised to this year’s cohort
  • Early access to meeting and session bookings
  • Exclusive access to the D&A Leader Lounge
  • Vendor-free space to share and discuss

Apply to join the program today!

To ensure the program is beneficial to everyone, we pre-qualify every attendee.

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Exceptional Content

Access practical and inspirational speakers – even more personalised

The unique design of the program enables the most effective learning experience by participating at the main sessions of the Data Leaders World Congress, and accessing exclusive small group discussions allowing you to contextualise what was presented, and discuss practical applications with peers.

Accelerate Your Transformation

Powerful connections and peer advice to help you succeed.

It can be tricky to meet exactly the right people in large virtual events. That’s why the program has been designed to allow for personalised, small group discussions to ensure every attendee leaves the event tangible take-aways and new connections.

Pre-qualified, vendor-free group

Meet the right people at the right time

We focus on bringing a diverse group of leaders who can learn from each other, and help each other advance on their journey. Every member is pre-qualified, and we have a strict no vendor approach for the personalised discussions.

About the Data Leaders World Congress

People and Data: The Inflection Point

Though technology is evolving fast, it is not the only hurdle to navigate towards success. Organisations that will continue to exist and thrive will bring people and data together in a way that empowers both. Unsurprisingly, data and analytics leaders will play a key part in helping their businesses become future-ready. 

 Understanding people’s fears to drive adoption of data; raising the level of data literacy in your workforce; pinpointing the business value from data; trusting the combination and computing power to boost process automation; and bringing the right talent to accelerate the data revolution, are just a few of the challenges to overcome to be successful in the data-driven world. 

Join us at the Data Leaders World Congress where you will hear a plethora of voices sharing practical and powerful solutions to help you and your organisation reach its full potential with data.