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Technology is no longer the key challenge when it comes to becoming data-driven. Numerous data and analytics leaders quote people matters as the key challenge to overcome. Whether it’s boosting awareness and understanding of data, shifting towards a less resistant workforce or influencing up – these are common barriers many are facing today.

To support you Data Leaders are hosting a full day, vendor-free, interactive roundtable consisting of three 90 minute sessions.

Session 1: Culture Change: Key Roadblocks and Possible Solutions
Session 2: Data Democratisation: Breaking Down Silos and Fostering the Skills
Session 3: Augmented Analytics and Automation to Improve Data Literacy

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To ensure the discussions at the event are beneficial to everyone, we pre-qualify every attendee.

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Unique Format

Discover an interactive and engaging online experience

The unique design of the program enables the most effective learning experience through listening to others and contributing yourself. Find solutions to your specific challenges by tapping into the collective expertise of around 25 of your fellow data leaders at the event.

Practical Stories

Listen to a short presentation and participate in an engaging discussion

We source the stories from across the data and analytics space that can deliver tangible practical advice. To ensure it becomes applicable to your own organisation we allocate more than half the time at the event for discussion in small groups amongst attendees.

Attendee numbers are limited to 30 qualified practitioners per session, with extensive preevent customization and active facilitation throughout the day. Each masterclass follows a theme with a strong central narrative around a key area of Data Transformation, with in-depth case study discussions

We exclude any and all sponsors, solution providers, salespeople, agencies and press members to make sure our participants can maximize the return they get on their time out of the office, free from distractions. Due to our strict data protection policies, we also never share data with any third party organizations

The case study presentations and guided group discussions are structured to provide actionable insights for real-life business applications. Hands-on learning materials and case studies recorded in a digital format are available to continuously revisit during the implementation process.