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Following the introduction of the Data Enabled Sustainability Framework, co-created with fellow members of data leaders community, this session will explore steps to take towards its implementation.

This session is second in the Data Leaders Community Co-Creation series. In the first session we’ve refined the Data-Enabled Sustainability Framework with input from industry experts and the community. In the second session, we will explore how data and analytics leaders can begin applying this framework in their organisations.

In this session, we’ll focus on:

  • Adapting the Data-Enabled Sustainability Framework for your organization
  • Learning from others’ experiences in developing and initiating action plans
  • Avoiding common pitfalls on the sustainability implementation journey

Some of the feedback from our first session:

  • Integrate sustainability data with your enterprise data infrastructure and master data management.
  • Identify specific use cases AND strategic business goals.
  • Emerging market architecture for data sharing

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About the format:

In-depth session starting with a presentation, an example from your peers in the industry. The presentation is followed by small group discussions to dive deeper into the subject, tapping into the collective knowledge of other attendees. We ensure the right working group is in place to provide ideas, suggestions and perspectives towards the case.

In each session you can expect:

  • Prequalified group of experts in the area
  • 20min presentation
  • Q&A
  • An in-depth discussion with inputs from cross-industry participants
  • Summary of the key take-aways

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Group Discussion Format.  In Person Peer Exchanges allow for a deeper dive into one subject area. They consist of three or four sessions, addressing different aspects of the main subject. 

When a workshop session is featured, it will allow attendees to work on a challenge together, using their collective knowledge to come up with real-life experience driven solutions. 


Helping Accelerate Your Journey

Balanced conversation between those who have expertise and those looking for advice

We build these small group discussions to ensure every attendee leaves the conversation with tangible take-away. The mix of people in the discussion will provide a great sounding board for those already advanced, and a useful counsel for those that are taking their initial steps.