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60min, vendor-free, peer discussion assessing D&A strategies and tactics.

Questions to be discussed at the session:

  • How do you open up data siloes?
  • What are the practical steps to convincing business stakeholders to become more open to using data and reporting?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to culture change in large, siloed organisations?
  • What tactics can be employed for quick wins vs a long term strategy?

About the format:

These are 60-minute panel discussion type events, that allow up to 10 participants to work through a set of questions from the host participant. We curate every panel to ensure the right working group is in place to provide ideas, suggestions and perspectives towards the case.

In each session you can expect:

  • Prequalified group of experts in the area
  • A round of introductions to each participant (up to 10 people)
  • An in-depth discussion with inputs from cross-industry participants
  • Concrete take-aways and action plan for moving forward

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To ensure the discussions at the event are beneficial to everyone, we pre-qualify every attendee.

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Small Group Discussion Format

Discover an interactive and engaging online experience

The unique design of the program enables the most effective learning experience through listening to others and contributing yourself. Find solutions to your specific challenges by tapping into the collective expertise of 6-8 of your fellow data leaders and relevant experts at the event.

Helping Accelerate Your Journey

Balanced conversation between those who have expertise and those looking for advice

We build these small group discussions to ensure every attendee leaves the conversation with tangible take-away. The mix of people in the discussion will provide a great sounding board for those already advanced, and a useful counsel for those that are taking their initial steps.