Demystifying the EU AI Act

Demystifying the EU AI Act

For Chief Data Officers

Unlock the essentials of the EU AI Act with this helpful guide tailored specifically for Chief Data Officers. This vendor-free report provides an overview of the regulation established by the EU AI Act combined with practical advice on how to navigate your organisation through compliance while exploring the opportunities AI systems can offer.

From this report, you will learn:

From this report, you will explore:

How to identify the risk level of distinct AI systems

Essential requirements and obligations for the development and deployment of AI systems

The specific rules for general-purpose AI models

Crucial actions to comply with the AI Act

Download the EU AI Act report and stay ahead in the fast-evolving landscape of AI regulation.

Explore the Voice of the Chief Data Officer, drawn from insights from the Data Leaders CDO Think Tank. 

EU AI Act report Guide for CDOs
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This report has been created based on the text of the EU AI Act adopted by the EU Parliament on 13 March 2024.

Disclaimer: this content is for informational purposes only. The EU AI Act Report does not constitute legal advice and shall not be used as a single source for compliance.