Listen to Martin’s interview, where he discusses:

  • The correlation between company-wide and data ethics
  • Practical steps to becoming more ethical
  • How cultural change be limited by people’s fears and how to effectively overcome them
How Data Ethics Can Become Your Competitive Advantage

In the times when many businesses are trying to survive, data ethics can fall by the wayside. Martin Treder, author and Data Domain Owner at Boehringer Ingelheim, describes how companies can embed ethical behaviours in their processes, and how this can benefit the bottom line.

Use the below timestamps to get answers to the questions that matter to you most:

  • 00:55: How is data ethics defined
  • 03:05The carrot and stick approach to data ethics – what are the key drivers for becoming more ethical
  • 04:30: How can companies practically implement more ethical behaviours?
  • 08:50: What are the red-flags CDOs should look out for?
  • 11:15: What are the right behaviours and how to embed these in data teams?
  • 14:15: Avoiding common mistakes that lead to becoming unethical
  • 16:07: Change management – how to overcome the fears

Martin discusses this and many more topics critical to Chief Data Officers in his most recent book The Chief Data Officer Management Handbook: Set Up and Run an Organization’s Data Supply. He will also present a case study on driving culture change by overcoming people’s fears at our upcoming roundtable on Data-Driven Business Transformation (spaces are limited).


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