Data Leaders Releases Voice of the Chief Data Officer Report

5th October, 2023, London, UK – Data Leaders™, a leading intelligence and service provider to Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and their leadership teams has launched the Voice of the Chief Data Officer report highlighting the multifaceted leadership roles CDOs fulfill to deliver far-reaching value beyond the realms of technology.

Compiled with insights from the respected Data Leaders Guild CDO Think Tank, the report brings forward four key findings: 

1. CDOs are Business Transformation Leaders

CDOs overwhelmingly see themselves as business transformation leaders who balance technical ability with strong business skills to drive change. Often pigeonholed as operational leaders, the boundaries of today’s CDO extend far beyond data management, assuming responsibility for fostering sound decision making, safeguarding good, ethical company data practices and guiding organisations through a constantly-changing data and AI landscape.

2. CDOs Must Learn to Surf the AI Wave

The rise of AI presents both tremendous opportunities and risks. The report highlights that the CDO role must be clearly defined in this context for them to fully capitalise on the benefits while avoiding potential challenges arising from the unreadiness of their data foundations – something the report finds still prevalent in many organisations.

3. CDOs are an Untapped Source to Drive Sustainability Initiatives

CDOs harbour the potential to effect change in unexplored areas of business, notably in sustainability. Increasingly, they are forming partnerships with sustainability counterparts to improve data quality, expedite laborious reporting, and move companies closer to their sustainability goals.

4. CDOs are Operating Under a Glass Ceiling

Voice of the Chief Data Officer also unveils that many CDOs work under a glass ceiling provoked by a lack of understanding of data among senior executives. Clear goals and support from leadership are crucial to give CDOs the authority they need to operate. With a seat at the executive table, the path to transformation can be quicker.

Richard Pope, CEO, Data Leaders, comments, “Unleashing the power of Chief Data Officers goes beyond tapping into technical know-how; it’s about unlocking a treasure trove of leadership qualities that are ripe for the picking. Recognising and harnessing these skills can put companies on the fast track to essential business transformation, a move that’s not just advantageous but absolutely critical in today’s dynamic marketplace. In the race to stay ahead, maximising the multifaceted talents of CDOs isn’t just an opportunity – it’s a business imperative. 

To download the full Voice of the Chief Data Officer report, click here.

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