New AI guide underscores the strategic role of the Chief Data Officer in managing risk and orchestrating the success of companywide AI deployment.

The guide offers vendor-free, real-world advice to CDOs seeking clarity and effective strategies to navigate the fast-moving AI landscape.

12th March 2024, London, UK – Data Leaders™, a leading intelligence and service provider to Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and their leadership teams, has launched ‘Orchestrating Your Company’s AI Strategy: A Chief Data Officer’s Guide.’ This groundbreaking publication, compiled from real-world, vendor-free insights, defines the evolving role of CDOs in the rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence.

CDOs must play a strategic role

AI’s potential to transform business is undeniable but is only achievable when strategy and technology are in lockstep.

Orchestrating Your Company’s AI Strategy’ addresses the urgent need for CDOs to be incorporated as strategic leaders, enabling business to mitigate risk and leverage AI to sustain their competitive advantage.

“AI’s growing presence in the workplace introduces risk; ungoverned AI can jeopardise the reputation of the company while new AI initiatives that are not properly evaluated can easily divert valuable resources without delivering meaningful value. It’s therefore imperative for CDOs to oversee a comprehensive AI strategy that not only manages resources efficiently but also installs robust governance frameworks.” said Pascal Clément, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Data Leaders.

He continues, “With, ‘Orchestrating Your Company’s AI Strategy‘ we’re providing Chief Data Officers with an invaluable vendor-free perspective on how to approach the development and execution of a comprehensive AI strategy based purely on real-world, practical advice from the Data Leaders community.

AI outcomes are a shared responsibility

A key emphasis of the guide is on the collaborative nature of AI strategy implementation. While CDOs are crucial in laying the data foundation for AI and orchestrating the strategy, the responsibility for AI outcomes does not rest solely on their shoulders. A successful AI strategy requires shared effort, with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and ownership across the organisation.

With AI quickly reshaping the business landscape, the strategic importance of CDOs is increasingly pivotal,” added Richard Pope, Co-Founder and CEO of Data Leaders.

Our mission at Data Leaders, is to fully support CDOs as they navigate this dynamic environment, providing clarity, actionable insights and expert guidance. As the boundaries of AI’s potential grow exponentially, these collective learnings are critical in evolving the knowledge and leadership of CDOs in guiding their organisations toward sustainable growth and secure a competitive edge in the AI age.

Orchestrating Your Company’s AI Strategy: A Chief Data Officer’s Guide is available for download here.

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