Today, and every day, Data Leaders aim to celebrate achievements of women in data and analytics.

Gartner predicted the Chief Data Officer role to become the most gender diverse tech-related executive position – our wish on the International Women’s Day 2021 is that this prediction will ring true.

Here is a list of women successfully tackling some of the greatest challenges in data and analytics:

  • Breaking down silos and creating communities
  • Driving change and becoming data-driven
  • Fostering diverse, innovative teams

Overcoming data silos

Helen Mannion, Global Data Officer, Specsavers

A well established data and analytics leader, Helen is an embodiment of the community ideas we believe in at Data Leaders. She is currently focusing on creating a strong data community in her organisation, where silos are broken down and all practitioners come together to share and support each other, all working on one strategy. In her free time, she gives back to the wider community, supporting schools in leveraging data and creating personalised learning, and encouraging women and children to learn tech. We are proud to have her as an advisor!

Attracting and retaining data talent

Katia Walsh, Chief Global Strategy and AI Officer, Levi Strauss & Co

Her name is certainly well known in the data and analytics space around the world. In the day and age where ability to hire and retain talent has become a competitive advantage, it stood out to us how proactive Katia is in promoting those working with her and for her. An important skill for a data and analytics leader in 2021.

Becoming data-centric organisation

Abbi Agana, Director of Business Excellence and Innovation, Octavia

A long standing community member of Data Leaders, Abbi brings wealth of experience and an important message for all: “Data is the lifeblood of all business, it’s how you test the health of your organisation. Performance drivers, root causes of failings, and customer dissatisfaction can all be found in data, therefore it’s integral to the strategy of every business.” Here’s an example of how Abbi brings business and data strategy together.

Data for good

Bettina Goerner, Chief Data Officer, Centogene

Bettina brings together expertise in life sciences and business together. In her current role she is working on helping transform real-world clinical and genetic data into actionable information for patients, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies. It’s exceptional to see her bring her passion for data monetisation, product development and digital R&D into the space of patient-centric health.

Measuring change management

Chafika Chettaoui, Group Chief Data Officer, Suez Group

Bringing experience from various industries, Chafika has a wealth of knowledge in the data and analytics domain. We would like to highlight one of her achievements that relates closely to an issue that’s top of mind for most D&A leaders today – resistance to change. During her time at L’Oreal, Chafika created a methodology centred around change management, and proving value of this methodology on productivity, innovation and decision-making. She also serves on the Data Leaders Advisory Board.

Using data to drive business growth

Kinnari Ladha, Chief Data Officer, IAG Loyalty

Experienced and respected in the industry, Kinnari is an active member of the wider data and analytics community. Working in the travel industry that has been particularly affected by the pandemic, she is relentlessly focusing on using data to power the future growth of IAG Loyalty. We are excited to see what the next 12 months hold!

Creating diverse teams

Debra Logan, Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

A prominent figure in Gartner’s Data and Analytics IT Leaders team also covering the office of the CDO, Debra works on helping organisations find better ways to advance in diversity and inclusion too. In her recent article she argues that despite all the talk, there has not been enough progress made and explains how leaders must focus, measure and execute in order to do better for their organisations, and society as a whole.

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