Didier Mamma, VP, Data Value Creation at Decathlon, gives his take on how data leaders can help their companies stay ahead of the competition:

  • How to stay resilient in the light of the future uncertainties
  • Why data strategy should not start with data governance
  • The three Ds of successful Chief Data Officer – doubt, disruption, diversity

Whether you are using data to improve performance and reduce costs, or if you’re using data to drive new revenue streams – you must stay innovative and one step ahead of your competition.

We asked Didier Mamma, VP, Data Value Creation at Decathlon, what it takes to successfully drive data innovation, and how can Chief Data Officers ensure their data strategies are future-proof, and operating model can adjust to the pace of change of today’s world.

  • 00:08: Process vs experimentation – fail fast approach in the corporate environment
  • 05:00: Why you should not start your data driven transformation with data governance
  • 09:50: Data is complex, but it must not be complicated
  • 13:00: Why data quality expectations need to change: defining systems, and adjusting to inaccuracy
  • 16:12: Using MDM in the right way; and data warehouse vs data lake
  • 18:25: How to approach data innovation holistically
  • 21:21: Using KPIs to remove the silos and boosting team efficiency
  • 24:27: CDO needs to continuously look to disrupt their business

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